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Iron Ginger - Oatmeal Stout

Iron Finger is a robust American style stout, in which pale malt provides the stage for roasted barley and oats shine together. Keeping the base simple allows clean flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, and oatmeal to stand front and center.The use of a large percentage of oats also creates a smooth mouthfeel and creamy head.

6.5% - 45 IBU

Bone Beat - Hazy IPA

Feel the beat of a wide world of hops, straight into your bones! New Zealand Galaxy and American grown Simcoe and Mackinac join together in an explosion of fruit complexity and citrus goodness. Smooth bodied with a medium assertive bitterness, we like to describe this hazy as tropical candy!

6.6% - 53 IBU

Mr. Ten Below - Winter Lager

With Christmas and cold weather just around the corner, Mr. Ten Below is here to prove that lagers fit every season. Pouring a vibrant amber, this medium-light bodied lager packs malt flavor while finishing crisp, clean, and smooth. Brown bread crust, honey, and light notes of toffee and graham cracker make this a delectable winter treat!

5.5% - 16 IBU

Imperial Jett Pack Black IPA

Black IPA brings together beer elements that often stay separate. In honor of the assistant-to-the-assistant-brewer,  Imperial Jett Pack features robust roast and malt character, blended with New Zealand grown Galaxy hops. Ripe fruit, tropical citrus, and hints of berry are coated in a robust, chocolate and roast finish. 

7.1% - 63 IBU

Astro Pterodactyl IPA

Our most asked for IPA, Astro Pterodactyl is the  cosmic vagabond of hop goodness  Never static,  the flavor and aroma  profile of Astro moves from galaxy to galaxy, with a similar base but  different character hops  each time. This version features Idaho 7 hops; bringing  bright, juicy, citrus, tropical, and peach/stonefruit character. Bitterness is restrained to maximize hop essence, making Astro Pterodactyl an easy drinking and flavorful IPA.

7.1% - 72 IBU

Icicle Lites Lager

For an end of the year treat, we decided to make our own version of the, low abv, and light bodied classic macro style lager. Super crisp from start to finish, this lager pours a golden amber with medium malt character, and light citrus from Mackinac hops. Crush this while it's here, it won't last long!

4.3% - 11 IBU

Sane and Positive - Hazy Session IPA

This time of year has a tendency to push people to the edge. Keep on the bright side with a Sane and Positive Hazy Session IPA. Heavy hop rates of Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy, combined with a balanced bitterness, brings out juicy character.  Contains strong passion fruit and tropical characteristics, with citrus and light pine in backup. 

5.3% - 41 IBU

Indian Trail Gold - Eng/Am Pale Ale

Indian Trail Gold is a hybrid English/American style pale ale, in honor of our hometown community. Doughy English malt and our house English yeast combine with American hops to create a transatlantic tribute to home! Hop driven stone fruit, melon, and citrus combines with a malty base, resulting in a smooth medium bodied ale. Gold in the ground. Gold in the people. Gold in the glass!

5.6% - 38 IBU

No Cream No Sugar - Coffee Blonde

This is a Blonde ale with an addition of spices during brewing, and later, rotating varieties of fresh cold-brew coffee from our local roastery, Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters. Mild spicy and floral notes from cardamom brings out rich and lingering coffee aroma and flavor. Light, malty sweet but very refreshing and drinkable. One of our favorite beers!

5.5% - 16 IBU

Sweet Tater Ale - Spiced Sweet Potato Ale

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it's time for the yearly return of one of our favorite seasonal beers. Roasted North Carolina purple sweet potatoes are mashed with a complex malty base and fermented with an English Ale yeast. Ceylon cinnamon, Mexican and Tahitian Vanilla, ginger and allspice are blended in for a classic sweet potato pie profile.Tis the season for Sweet Tater!

7.0% - 32 IBU

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