Sweet Tater - Spiced Ale

Our version of this classic holiday dish is best served in a glass! Classic sweet potato pie spices; cinnamon, ginger, and allspice, combine with a deliciously complex malt base, reminiscent of pie crust, to achieve just that. North Carolina grown purple sweet potatoes, and Mexican and New Zealand vanilla round out the package for a decidedly decadent and festive treat. Get some Sweet Tater today, while it lasts!

7.1% - 30 IBU

Little Lucille - Kolsch

Named for the newest addition to the Sweet Union family, Little Lucille is a classic German ale brewed for its lager-like qualities. Traditional German hops, malts, and yeast, guarantee a true Kolsch experience. Light bodied and easy drinking with a delicate flavor and a crisp, clean finish, this kolsch is both accessible and characterful.

5.1% - 25 IBU

Pretty Bonkers - Hazy IPA

Hop harvest season means new and exciting flavors and aromas to experiment with, and Pretty Bonkers is an exemplar. A pale ale with restrained, but adequate, bitterness, and medium light body, designed for extra-juiciness. A high proportion of oats enhances mouth feel while, along with the hops, contributing a thick haze. Overflowing with juicy, citrus, and tropical punch character from a heavy double-dry-hop of Mackinac and Mosaic hops, Pretty Bonkers lives up to the name!

6.7% - 52 IBU

Rictus Grin - Coffee Doppelbock

Rictus Grin is a fall seasonal brew, celebrating the wonderful flavors that compliment cooler weather. A deliciously malty, high gravity, lager, this beer carries strong notes of chocolate, coffee, and caramel, in a dangerously smooth package with minimal roast character. We added fresh roasted and cold brewed Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters’ Columbian coffee, for an extra enticing richness.

7.6% - 30 IBU

No Cream, No Sugar - Coffee Blonde

This is a Blonde with an addition of spices during brewing, and later, fresh cold-brew coffee from local roasters, Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters. Mild, spicy, floral notes from the cardamom bring out a rich and lingering coffee aroma and flavor. Light, sweet, very refreshing and drinkable. One of our favorite beers!

5.4% - 15 IBU  

Self Centered Blues - Fall Pale Ale

With division rampant, and a pandemic persisting, now is the time to keep social connections alive. Self Centered Blues reminds us to step back and contemplate the effort that relationships take, and the humanity that conversations create. A medium malty and bready base with notes of caramel provides a canvas for Cashmere, Idaho 7, and Mosaic hops. Smooth and characterful, with delicious pine, citrus, and tropical aromatics, Self Centered Blues will be there to accompany you!

5.7% 36 IBU

Bloody Tarleton - Black Lager

This lager is named for the infamous British dragoon, who allowed the massacre of continental soldiers in the Battle of Waxhaws, during the Revolutionary War. Though black asTartleton’s heart, this easy drinking lager has restrained chocolate and coffee character, backed by toasted malt. Raise a pint to the fallen patriots of Buford's Massacre!

5.5% - 17 IBU

Astro Pterodactyl IPA

Our most asked for IPA, Astro Pterodactyl is the  cosmic vagabond of hop goodness  Never static,  the flavor and aroma  profile of Astro moves from galaxy to galaxy, with a similar base but  different character hops  each time. This version features Idaho 7 hops; bringing  bright, juicy, citrus, tropical, and peach/stonefruit character. Bitterness is restrained to maximize hop essence, making Astro Pterodactyl an easy drinking and flavorful IPA.

7.1% - 72 IBU

Kookaburra Kid - Dry Hopped Lager

A collaboration with brewery-in-development, Belmont Brewing Co., Kookaburra Kid is an adventure in hops from New Zealand and Australia. A light bodied and crisp base serves as the vehicle for assertive tropical and citrus hop aroma, contributed by NZ Vic Secret and AU Galaxy hops. While overflowing with delicious down under aroma, lager characteristics guarantee an accessible session beer with a clean and easy finish. 

5.3% - 14  IBU

Distant Constellation - Belgian Wit

Brewed with oranges, chamomile, Amarillo hops and an assertive Belgian yeast, our wit-bier is a complex and delicious wheat ale. Bright citrus and floral notes are accompanied by a light-bodied, crisp, and lightly tart wheat malt base for a thirst quenching and easy drinking experience. Truly a beer where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual ingredients! 

5.2% - 16 IBU