Astro Pterodactyl - IPA

Our most asked for IPA, Astro Pterodactyl is a cosmic voyage of hop goodness. Amarillo, Comet, and Meridian hops exude a potent citrus character in both flavor and aroma. Bright, juicy, fresh cut orange plays across the aroma, while citrus, light berry, and tropical character round out the flavor. Bitterness is restrained to maximize hop character, making Astro Pterodactyl an easy drinking but flavorful, citrusy, IPA.

7.0% - 71 IBU

Mammoth Tracks - Imperial Stout

Big, malty, dark and with a hint of peppermint, the Mammoth Tracks Imperial Stout has a decadent profile that is not for the faint of heart. Layers of chocolate, coffee, and caramel malt character compliment a velvety medium full body. Bright hints of cooling peppermint contribute additional complexity and a delicious balance to the flavor profile. Are you brave enough to follow the Mammoth Tracks?

8.1% - 50 IBU

Big Rocking Chair - Amber Ale

Sit back and kick your feet up for a bit! The Big Rocking Chair Amber Ale is an easy drinking amber ale, balanced between malts and hops. Vienna malt and malted oats lend a subtly nutty and sweet base, while Azzaca hops contribute light  pine and citrus character. Balanced and accessible, this ale is for everyone!

5.4% - 30 IBU

Sloth Boy - Session IPA

With true winter weather imminent, Sloth Boy Session IPA sends your taste buds on a tropical hop vacation. Light bodied, easy drinking, with a medium bitterness, Mackinac and Cashmere hops contribute juicy, tropical fruit and citrus flavor and aroma. Slow down with a Sloth Boy, these hops are too delicious to rush!

5.3% 46 IBU

Sweet Union Oat Porter

Rich and luscious, our Oat Porter is a malty, decadent, and complex example of the style.  A meticulous balance of caramelized and roasted grains contribute a robust dark chocolate and coffee flavor that is balanced by malty sweetness. Copious amounts of oats round out the flavor and aroma while contributing a thick head. The perfect balance of malts for dark beer lovers!

5.8% - 29 IBU

Sweet Tater Ale

Our version of this classic holiday dish is best served in a glass! Classic sweet potato pie spices; cinnamon, ginger, and allspice, combine with a deliciously complex malt base, reminiscent of pie crust, to achieve just that. Purple skinned sweet potatoes and Mexican and New Zealand vanilla round out the package for a decidedly decadent and festive treat! Get some Sweet Tater today, while it lasts!

7.4% - 29 IBU

Pomme Pom Cider - Red Clay Ciderworks

Deep red in color with hints of both apple and pomegranate on the nose. This cider hits the pallet with apple sweetness and finishes with a tart pomegranate burst of flavor!


No Cream, No Sugar - Coffee Blonde

This is a Blonde with an addition of spices during brewing, and later, fresh cold-brew coffee from local roasters, Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters. Mild, spicy, floral notes from the cardamom bring out a rich and lingering coffee aroma and flavor. Light, sweet, very refreshing and drinkable. One of our favorite beers!

5.4% - 15 IBU  

Distant Constellation - Witbier

Brewed with oranges, chamomile, Amarillo hops and an assertive Belgian yeast, our wit-bier is a complex and delicious wheat ale. Bright citrus and floral notes are accompanied by a light-bodied, crisp, and lightly tart wheat malt base for a thirst quenching and easy drinking experience. Truly a beer where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual ingredients! 

5.2% - 17 IBU

Little Lucille - Kolsch

Named for the newest addition to the Sweet Union family, Little Lucille is a classic German ale brewed for its lager-like qualities. Traditional German hops, malts, and yeast, guarantee a true Kolsch experience. Light bodied and easy drinking with a delicate flavor and a crisp, clean finish, this kolsch is both accessible and characterful.

5.3% - 24 IBU

Bloody Tarleton - Black Lager

This lager is named for the infamous British dragoon, who allowed the massacre of continental soldiers at the Battle of Waxhaws, during the Revolutionary War. Though black as Tartleton’s heart, this easy drinking lager has restrained chocolate and coffee character, backed by toasted malt. Raise a pint to the fallen patriots of Buford's Massacre!

5.1% - 17IBU