Jett Pack Cascadian Dark Ale

In honor of the latest addition to the Sweet Union extended family, Jett Pack is a Cascadian Dark Ale, squarely balanced between malt and hop character. Dark malts combine with Cascade hops to form a union of chocolatey roast with citrus and floral hop flavor. More balanced and smoother than an IPA with less roast than a porter or stout, Jett Pack Black finds a perfect medium to enjoy both malty and hoppy aspects of craft brewing.

6.4% - 40 IBU

Little Lucille - Kolsch

Named for the newest addition to the Sweet Union family, Little Lucille is a classic German ale brewed for its lager-like qualities. Traditional German hops, malts, and yeast, guarantee a true Kolsch experience. Light bodied and easy drinking with a delicate flavor and a crisp, clean finish, this kolsch is both accessible and characterful.

5.1% - 25 IBU

Nowhere Slow - American Ale

A quintessentially American Ale, Nowhere Slow represents the perfect balance between rich malts and classic American hops. Easy drinking, smooth, with a clean finish, this ale does not allow either malt or hop to dominate. Centennial and Willamette contribute a lightly citrus and floral flavor and aroma, while specialty malts provide a bready and caramel background character. Take it slow with this satisfying and balanced brew!

6.0% - 37 IBU

Sundog Saison

Heralding the return of warm weather, Sundog Saison is a light bodied and crisp ale with clean Belgian flavors. Fermented warm to maximize yeast expression, this saison features classic Belgian character with light clove,citrus and fruity esters, with a dry, thirst quenching finish. Amarillo flavor hops contribute light hop citrus to round out the package!

6.2 % - 24 IBU

Mystery Jack - Hazy Oat Pale Ale

 Summer is the perfect season for hops and haze, and we're kicking this one off with Mystery Jack! Cascade and Cashmere hops are whirlpooled and double dry hopped in this oat pale ale that captures the essence of the hazy trend. Citrus and tropical character abounds, while restrained bitterness unleashes waves of juiciness in a hazed out, smooth package. 

5.8% - 40 IBU

Thousand Sunny - Radler

A southern summer day in a glass, the Thousand Sunny Radler is a blend of light bodied and crisp wheat ale with just the right amount of fresh made lemonade. Light bodied and easy drinking, the balance of tart and sweet lemonade with crisp ale makes for an ideal refresher for warm days ahead. Break from the norm with a craft version of this seasonal classic!

5.1% - 14 IBU

No Cream, No Sugar - Coffee Blonde

This is a Blonde with an addition of spices during brewing, and later, fresh cold-brew coffee from local roasters, Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters. Mild, spicy, floral notes from the cardamom bring out a rich and lingering coffee aroma and flavor. Light, sweet, very refreshing and drinkable. One of our favorite beers!

5.4% - 15 IBU  

Pond Skater - Summer Lager

It's that time of year again, when the southern heat and humidity begin to take its toll, yet summer has only begun! Pond Skater is your easy drinking and crisp answer to the summer season. Designed with lower gravity to keep from weighing you down, and lightly dry hopped for a delicious citrus character twist on a classic style!

4.4% - 17 IBU

Distant Constellation - Witbier

Brewed with oranges, chamomile, Amarillo hops and an assertive Belgian yeast, our wit-bier is a complex and delicious wheat ale. Bright citrus and floral notes are accompanied by a light-bodied, crisp, and lightly tart wheat malt base for a thirst quenching and easy drinking experience. Truly a beer where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual ingredients! 

5.1% - 16 IBU

Hit It & Quit It - Hazy IPA

Despite the name, this is an IPA you'll have a hard time putting down! A double dry hopped hazy IPA, Hit It and Quit It packs copious amounts of hop character into an aromatic and juicy ale. Grapefruit, citrus, dank, and floral hop character abounds while bitterness is retrained, to emphasize hop character.

8.1% - 80 IBU