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Sweet Union Irish Red Ale

Toasty malt is the backbone of this deliciously balanced Irish Red Ale. Pouring a deep copper red, hints of roast, toffee, brown bread and lightly fruity, caramelized Rye accent a crisp but malty finish. Medium light body and a low hop rate guarantees a smooth, and drinkable pint!

6.0% - 22 IBU

Polite Porter - Munich Porter

English meets German brewing traditions in this classic dark ale. Toasty and toffee-like German Munich malt is used as the base for a classic English porter. This full flavored porter features a smooth medium body and moderate roast, with strong tones of sweet chocolate. Try this porter, it's polite and will treat you right!

6.2% - 33 IBU

Little Hideaway - Hazy Session IPA

Everyone needs an escape, something or somewhere to get away from the mundane. Little Hideaway is here to be your juicy, hoppy haven. Heavy doses of Simcoe, Mackinac, and Idaho 7 hops impart peach, nectarine, stonefruit and bright citrus. Oats for body and smooth mouthfeel, and an easy drinking balance make Little Hideaway the ideal getaway!

5.4% - 43 IBU

Tongue Bridge - Hibiscus Lime Sour Ale

Like our hands and eyes, the tongue is a tool which allows us to explore and connect to the world outside ourselves. Tongue Bridge is a kettle soured ale blended with hibiscus and lime, that will bridge the gap. Connecting fruity and berry like flower buds, delicious crisp lime, and the tropical characteristics of our sour base, this gorgeous ale is a delicious and refreshing experience. Walk the Tongue Bridge!

5.7% - 1 IBU

Astro Pterodactyl IPA

Our most asked for IPA, Astro Pterodactyl is the  cosmic vagabond of hop goodness  Never static,  the flavor and aroma  profile of Astro moves from galaxy to galaxy, with a similar base but  different character hops  each time. This version features Idaho 7 hops; bringing  bright, juicy, citrus, tropical, and peach/stonefruit character. Bitterness is restrained to maximize hop essence, making Astro Pterodactyl an easy drinking and flavorful IPA.

7.1% - 72 IBU

Stratasaurus - N.E. IPA

For the grandaddy of all hazy hoppy IPA styles we pulled out all the stops! To get the juicy tropical qualities of a great New England IPA, we used a style specific yeast strain, loads of malted and unmalted oats, as well as a mountain of hop lupulin.Cryogenically concentrated Strata pellets add strong qualities of passion fruit, tropical citrus, and high quality cannabis. Enjoy this juice bomb while it lasts!

6.8% - 53 IBU

Sweet Union Berliner Weisse Sour Ale

Our Berliner Weisse is an American style; kettle soured, wheat based ale, with a crisp clean finish and assertive acidity. Virtually no hops to speak of, but the particular strain of lactobacillus used to sour imparts a tropical and juicy flavor and aroma. Easy drinking with a balanced acidity, this is the foundation for all our sours. 

6.0% - 1 IBU

Indian Trail Gold - Eng/Am Pale Ale

Indian Trail Gold is a hybrid English/American style pale ale, in honor of our hometown community. Doughy English malt and our house English yeast combine with American hops to create a transatlantic tribute to home! Hop driven stone fruit, melon, and citrus combines with a malty base, resulting in a smooth medium bodied ale. Gold in the ground. Gold in the people. Gold in the glass!

5.6% - 38 IBU

No Cream No Sugar - Coffee Blonde

This is a Blonde ale with an addition of spices during brewing, and later, rotating varieties of fresh cold-brew coffee from our local roastery, Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters. Mild spicy and floral notes from cardamom brings out rich and lingering coffee aroma and flavor. Light, malty sweet but very refreshing and drinkable. One of our favorite beers!

5.5% - 16 IBU

King Dude Scotch Ale

Boatloads of hops tend to define craft beer however, King Dude is a conquest of a different sort. This Scottish ale is higher gravity, smooth, and full of rich but balanced malt goodness. Bready and malty with hints of toffee and light roast. Bow to your sensei, the King of Dudes!

7.2% - 31 IBU

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